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Ghost creates valuable connections between you and your customers. Let’s surprise each other. Say boo@ghost.digital

What We’ve Been Making

Ghost’s Story

We’re a team that builds teams, custom-assembled to create valuable connections between you and your customers. After a few years of haunting the same spaces, a recovering MBA digital producer and a designer fresh off a decade in-house at a fast-growing non-profit decided to join forces, pool our talents, networks, and interests, and make a Ghost.

Who We Are

Joshua Blankenship Design. Brand. Creative & Art Direction. Words. Patterns. Products. Also currently making Blankenship Workshop and LogoLand.
Matthew Cook Strategy. Research. Product Performance & Ideation. User Behavior. Teams. Also currently making Atlas Local and Really Good Emails.

In past lives, Joshua and Matt have worked for clients such as…

We’ve also worked with agencies and friends who have shared some incredible opportunities.

And we’d love to work with you. Tell us about your project.